JACS Solutions with Asavie 

Enabling the Digital Transformation of IOT, Mobility, and M2M for Enterprises

JACS Solutions specializes in bringing industrial IoT visions to fruition, without compromise. Through industry-leading hardware and firmware customization, JACS works closely with enterprises, integrators, and VARS to meet their needs in mobile enterprise, M2M, and IoT. We design, manufacture, and provide end-to-end support for enterprise-grade smart devices, smart-displays, and accessories. As such, JACS Solutions provides more flexibility, greater security, and affordability for organizations.

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Jacs & AML Devices

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Our customers get a highly tailored solution comprising of a digital device built specifically for them; customized firmware that meets their specific requirements and mobile security and control fit for their business needs.

A continuous and dedicated relationship that extends beyond the delivery of the digital devices to the customer. A robust and scalable mobility service that protects data and devices used by the client from the vantage point of the network and that is easy to set-up and easy to use. Private Static IP and Routing for all your connectivity needs.


Single pane of glass to monitor all JACS devices across any network 360o-degree visibility and control of LTE and WIFI traffic to ensure all employees comply with company policies.

Empower employees by giving them access to the right tools and content to do their job via remote access enablement. Apply policies by group or individually to tailor the remote working experience for any employee.

Prevent malware, phishing, & man in the middle attacks by blocking unknown and uncategorized domains. Ensure every device is tamper proof with firmware over the air provisioning and APN locking.

Why JACS Solutions

JACS Solutions provides customized and secured smart devices and solutions for enterprises, integrators, and VARs to meet their needs in the mobile and IoT workplace. Their innovative approach to customize both the hardware and software of Android and Windows operating systems transform the devices into purpose-built dedicated business tools.

Why Asavie

Asavie’s self-serve, programmable SaaS solutions complement JACS devices by enabling secure mobile access in a multi-cloud world using any network. We unify visibility and control across all the JACS mobile and IoT endpoints, providing the intelligent insights to help reduce costs and improve an enterprise's overall performance.