Microsoft & Asavie

Enable Multi-layer
Visibility and Control for Mobile Endpoints

Asavie and Microsoft Intune offer a multi-layer, defense-in-depth approach to enterprise mobility and security. Asavie’s unique network-based mobile security service integrates with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) to secure and manage enterprise data and applications across a range of smart phones, tablets and field-force mobile devices.

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Asavie maximizes your investment in M365 to boost productivity globally.​


Zero gap visibility of all IO
traffic that delivers
unparalleled insights and improves the ability of IT teams to make decisions regarding usage policies and security. 


Through the integration with Intune, enterprises can extend their usage policies from the device in the network. This translates into extended compliance and productivity without distractions. 


Asavie SD Mobile removes data traffic from the public internet, putting it outside the reach of malicious attacks. Its content categorization feature blocks unknown or unregistered sires that could trigger a malware attack or inappropriate content. 

Extending Mobile Protection
to the Network Layer

Microsoft Endpoint Manager provides mobile device compliance and app management capabilities to the enterprise. Asavie SD Mobile complements this solution by bringing the Microsoft security policies and management capability into the network level.

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Enabling Secure IoT with Microsoft

At Asavie, we believe industrial devices should not be exposed to the internet. Using SD IoT for secure connectivity, enterprises own and  manage their own isolated private network connected to the Azure cloud, thereby eliminating the exposure to cyber threats. Asavie SD IoT enables configurable end-to-end private connectivity over multiple cellular networks without exposing devices or data transit to the dangers of internet.

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Asavie SD IoT delivers a custom secure private cellular connectivity
experience for IoT projects with Azure IoT Hub.

Simplify IoT Deployments

Simplifies cellular industrial IoT deployments by reducing the human and/or infrastructure resources, along with the effort needed to connect and enrol the IoT devices to the Azure cloud.

Manage IoT Costs

Take control of cellular IoT costs, eliminate data overages and overspending, enforce data usage quotas per device and eliminate unwanted application traffic.

Secure IoT

Enforce a consistent security
for the entire IoT device estate and declare what IoT devices are permitted to communicate to.


Helping Those Who Care - Enabling Greater Protection & Efficiency in the NHS

Watch Asavie and Microsoft in a webinar as we show how NHS Trusts can gain total control of their mobile estate, to reduce risk, optimise cost management and improve the efficiencies of frontline care workers and IT staff.


Paul Heath

Enterprise Security Executive
UK Public Sector


Hugh Carroll

VP Marketing