Samsung & Asavie​

Securing Mobile Data from the Device to the Network

The Samsung Knox platform and Asavie's network layer security complement each other to protect mobile data from the device up. While Samsung Knox provides a workspace environment to protect apps and their data on the device, Asavie brings full visibility, security and control of data in transit, thus creating a secure internet experience for business.



Actionable Insights

360-degree visibility of all mobile traffic that gives you complete understanding of the online behaviors of your workforce. Enable faster decision making to optimize mobile usage at all times.

Total Security

Combine the power of Asavie's SIM-based security with Samsung's hardware-based security mechanisms to protect business data at rest and in transit.

Total Control

Create a fully customized working experience for your mobile employees. Deploy policies to suit the business needs of groups and individuals.

Completely Mobile, Completely Secure with Samsung Dex & Asavie Moda

The Samsung Dex platform introduces a new dimension to mobile computing. Already integrated into all of Samsung's flagship devices since 2017, it transforms your tablet or smartphone into a desktop computing experience. All you need is a monitor, a HDMI cable and Asavie Moda to deliver a secure and seamless working experience wherever you are.

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