Asavie is helping Verizon customers to become more mobile than ever before.

However more flexible working may come at a high price. If you get it wrong and could expose your organisation to loss of control and security risks. Asavie Moda is a data control service that helps control costs, improve productivity and increase mobile security.

Visit the Asavie Moda page

Read about the Asavie Moda cloud service that secures your mobile workforce and controls mobile data costs for your business.

Visit the Asavie Moda page
Mobile data mobility management

The perfect mobility management solution to manage your mobile staff. Set mobile data usage policies for employees, restricting access to websites that distract them from getting on with their jobs.

mobile security video

The perfect mobile security solution. Our threat defense solution uses machine learning to stop malware before it gets to your device, defeating mobile security attacks before they happen.

Mobile Shared Access video

Asavie Moda is the perfect companion to your unlimited and shared mobile data plan. Simply tailor a policy to suit your business, and make sure your mobile data lasts longer.

Asavie Moda device security

Asavie Moda protects your mobile assets from malicious attacks and malware at source. Also use Moda for your essential security features including remote locate, lock, wipe and password enforcement.

Asavie Moda Datasheet

Asavie Moda Datasheet

Find out how you can control and secure mobile data.


Protect your Verizon Jetpack MiFi

Asavie Moda is the most popular solution to control your MiFi devices globally. It prevents Verizon Jetpacks MiFis against access to non-compliant websites.