Partner: Verizon

Asavie and Verizon have partnered to enable enterprises confidently adopt a mobile first strategy as part of their ongoing digital transformation initiatives. Asavie Moda provides valuable insights and analytics into a company’s mobile data usage and enables companies to create custom policies to filter, block and manage how each mobile device can be used. Working together the Verizon Wireless Business Group and Asavie enable enterprise clients throughout North America have a productive and protected mobile experience.

Asavie Moda Datasheet

Find out how you can control and secure mobile data.


Protect your Verizon Jetpack MiFi

Asavie Moda is the most popular solution to control your MiFi devices globally. It prevents Verizon Jetpacks MiFis against access to non-compliant websites.

Case Study: Safe Haven ADT

Safe Haven is the second largest dealer for ADT in the US employing 1,500 staff in 50 satellite offices. They use Asavie Moda to gain visibility and control of mobile device usage across their workforce. The company has re-defined what it means to use the mobile device as a work tool and has gained the buy-in from employees who understand the benefits of this approach. Additionally, they are seeing significant savings in their mobile data bills on the back of the reduced data consumption already achieved.

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