AccessMyLAN for FirstNet

Mobile Visibility & Control
for Public Safety Agencies

First responders and law enforcement agencies need secure access to information and seamless communications at all times. This access is critical to creating situational awareness and keeping first responders and communities safe.


Keeping First Responders Safe in the Field

First responders get a safer internet experience on smartphones, rugged tablets and cellular routers with AccessMyLAN for FirstNet. Public safety agencies can download AccessMyLAN from the FirstNet® App Catalog. They can then deploy it easily to first responder devices using the provisioning tools on the FirstNet Local Control Portal.

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Providing FirstNet Users
with a Safe Mobile Internet Experience

Our network-based, on-demand solution gives users a unified management platform for mobile endpoints like smartphones, tablets and cellular routers. It delivers a safe internet experience for FirstNet primary and extended primary users, wherever they are.

  • Agnostic solution that works on all SIM-enabled devices
  • Visibility of all traffic on all devices
  • Consistent policy enforcement
  • Network-level protection
  • Private static IP address
  • No client needed on the mobile device

Benefits to Public Safety Agencies

AccessMyLAN is the first line of defense in a mobilility strategy for public safety agencies that keeps first responders and communities safe at all times.

Device Agnostic

Our solution works on all SIM-enabled devices used by first responders ensuring a consistent experience.


Because of our vantage point in the network, we eliminate visibility gaps across the mobile fleet and provide detailed insights on usage.


We prevent malware, phishing and ransomware attacks at the source, extending security to all users in the field.

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Only highly secure, high quality, public safety relevant applications are included in the FirstNet App Catalog. And we’re pleased that AccessMyLAN is now Certified and available to FirstNet subscribers. AccessMyLAN will bring public safety additional capabilities to create a highly secure mobile environment.

Bob Sloan
Chief Operating Officer, FirstNet at AT&T

Law Enforcement Agencies Rely on AccessMyLAN for FirstNet

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We have seen an increase in the productivity and reduction of response times for incidents in the field, by as much as 2 or 3 minutes. This is a significant timesaving, with potentially life-saving consequences.

Link Mock
Deputy Sheriff & IT Administrator, Wagoner County Sheriff's Office