Asavie IoT Connect (now called SPS Secure IoT)

Private Networks for Secure IoT

With no cost effective and on demand way to establish mobile private networks to secure IoT, enterprises are unintentionally being exposed to cyber risks, by connecting IoT devices to the public internet.

Avoid the Risk of Cyberattacks

Asavie IoT Connect is a self-serve private mobile IoT network. The private network protects IoT devices by eliminating the exposure to cyberattacks on the public internet, keeping IoT deployments safe from Day One.

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Asavie IoT Connect

A private IoT network enables enterprises to deploy and secure IoT devices rapidly and in confidence. Asavie IoT Connect facilitates secure IoT deployments by enabling:

  • Private static IP addresses configured by the enterprise
  • Enterprise self-serve IP and DNS policy management
  • Private network to multi-cloud (Public, Private, Hybrid)
  • Secure provisioning and key management for public IoT clouds
  • Clientless deployments - with no VPNs needed on IoT devices
  • Bi-directional communication to IoT devices
  • Visibility of all traffic, with anomaly notifications

Benefits to your Business

Take control of your own private mobile network slice to secure IoT projects.

Secure from Day One

An on-demand production ready network isolated from the public internet.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Control and manage the efficiency of IoT deployments in real-time, including data use.

Private Network Slicing

Eliminates the time needed to design, build and maintain a secure IoT network in-house.

Energy Firm Protects Assets with Asavie IoT Connect

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We took our estate of IoT monitoring devices out
of the line of fire and simplified the process for performing security patch updates.

Chris Isbell
Field Communications Coordinator, Howard Energy Partners

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Faster Deployments

Achieve secure cloud scale networks in minutes with reduced development effort.

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Zero Trust Network

Asavie IoT Connect requires no additional software on the IoT edge, making it ideal for constrained devices.

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Visibility & Control

Ease of monitoring IoT connectivity status and health, with insights into anomalies.

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Remote Access

Manage IoT devices over the air, save time and money over the deployment lifetime.

Minimize Effort
for Faster Deployment Times

Reduce the time it takes you to develop and deploy IoT projects at scale, with Asavie IoT Connect provisioning and automation. You can configure a private network with private static IP addresses for your enterprise, securely connecting the mobile edge to the cloud and/or on-premise.