Control Mobile Data Securely on Cellular and Wi-Fi

Network and Device Security

Shield your business from mobile threats

Stop malware at the network layer before it gets to your device. Defeat mobile security attacks on cellular and Wi-Fi before they happen. Unique and proactive functionality makes mobile data secure. Using a combination of SIM-based policy settings and network analysis, we provide a three-tier defense:

  1. Threat Prevention
  2. Compliance
  3. Device Security
Mobile Security Threat prevention

Threat Prevention

Block malicious content at source

Compromised websites and malicious content are actively blocked. We use machine learning to counter threats by continuously analyzing 500 million end-user behaviors and 100s of millions of websites per day. One billion websites are presented in a manageable 26 categories, or 150 for organizations that want more granular detail.


Make sure staff comply with the rules on their mobile devices

Enforce rules that comply with your own company policies. Adhere to regulations like MIFIDGDPR and Sarbanes Oxley. Simplify compliance by building it into everyday activity in a single dashboard that surfaces all mobile activity across the organization.

Web mobile security flyer
Asavie Moda device security

Device Security

Data Loss Prevention

Prevent possible data breaches ensuring data is always secure, even when a device is lost or stolen. Deploy essential MDM features like password protection, remote locate, lock and wipe.

Manage all mobile data

Regulate expensive mobile data

Transform the way you control costs and usage of mobile devices and data. By having visibility into what your devices are being used for, your can block time-wasting websites and restrict improper use.  Avoid bill shock by limiting access to business only applications and websites.

Our customers save on average $210 per user every month.

Mobile data mobility management
Taurus Case Study Download

Saving costs for Taurus

Taurus saved between $500 to $2,500 on data overages per month.

Taurus, a conferencing solutions provider, experienced excessive mobile bills because of too much personal data usage. They implemented an Asavie solution resulting in predictable costs and a more productive workforce.

“Since the inception of Asavie, our bills have been rock steady. We would have covered two or three years worth of the service so far with the money we’ve saved.” Corey Church, Vice President of Technical Operations, Taurus Technologies

Group Control

Prevent overages by creating rules by group

Come up with as many groups that suit your business. Apply data allowances and manage internet access to groups such as “Sales”, “Global travelers” and “Management team”.  Apply rules by each group setting stricter policies for your heavy users.

Manage groups
Manage zones

Global geographic control

30% of companies experienced bill shock from roaming

Shape the world into zones that suit your organization. Zones allow you to control what mobile devices have access to, domestically or overseas. Zones give you a choice of mobile carriers and/or countries that allow you to define Data Controls to manage data use wherever the device is located.

Policy Control

Make sure your staff aren’t binging on Netflix!

Policies determine what types of websites and Internet services groups, devices have access to. Allow or deny access to 26 categories covering 1 billion websites. With 50% of all mobile data traffic is on video, why not block access to streaming services when data usage limits are approached (restricting users to mission-critical tasks)?

Manage policies

Insights into mobile use

Understand your mobility requirements with valuable insight into mobile data usage

With knowledge of how staff are using mobile devices, you can chose the right policies and plans for your business. Asavie has many powerful ways to filter, navigate and export reports.

  • Which content has been blocked?
  • Which categories are used most regularly?
  • What websites are being used most?
  • Where in the world is your data being used?
  • How does mobile data usage change between business and outside of business hours?
Manage what staff access on their mobiles

Manage what staff access

Personalize for your needs

Sometimes you need to apply policies on both cellular and Wi-Fi to manage what each employee can and can’t do in order to drive productivity.

• Set data limits
• Throttle speeds
• Limit access to websites and apps
• Manage data quotas before the line and after the line.
• Vary policies by time of day

Close more sales

Manage access to the right tools from anywhere

For one Insurance provider, their 75-strong sales team had access to the right tools, but they were closing less and less sales. Asavie Moda reporting tool uncovered that a third of their staff were spending large amounts of time using their work smartphones for personal use.

Armed with this insight, the company restricted categories of websites including “entertainment, Lifestyle, Sports and Streaming video.” Within 6 months they saw an increase the number of client meetings by 20% weekly.

Reporting and insight
Mobile Shared Access video

Support employee productivity

Focus on the job at hand

Make sure staff don’t waste their time by applying policies on what each employee can and can’t do online.  Create rules to control to all work-related content and limit access to non work-related content. For example, you can limit Facebook and allow LinkedIn.