Asavie Platform

Private Mobile Network
Slices for the Enterprise

Mobility and IoT are key to running a successful business, the challenge is to connect and continuously protect the business in a world of evolving cyber threats targeting mobile devices, users and applications.

Securing your Mobile Assets

The Asavie platform provides enterprises with secure private network slices of the mobile network. For the first time, enterprises can now take control of the mobile network to secure their mobility and IoT devices.

By placing mobile assets inside a private mobile network slice, enterprises reduce the vulnerability gap associated with internet access on public mobile networks.

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Cloud Native Architecture

The cloud-based platform consists of globally distributed nodes, that use the latest technology of infrastructure as a service. The platform uses world-class APIs to deliver Asavie's SD products, allowing enterprises to create customized mobile experiences with greater security assuring success in the digital world.


Zero-gap Visibility

Analyzing 500 million end-user behaviors.


Mobile Network Slice

Your own private network to protect mobiles from cyber threats.


Network Security

Machine learned insights and anomaly detection of mobile traffic.

Future Proofing Enterprise Private Networks

The cloud native platform is highly scalable and ready for the next generation of enterprise use cases. This is facilitated by:

Zero Trust

Self-serve private mobile network slices, for controlled internet experiences.

Ubiquitous Networking

Multi-access support of 3G/4G/5G, consistent security and controls that span the globe.

Optimized Performance

Seamless access to public/private clouds, with optimized routes to leading enterprise services.

Business Intelligence from the Network

Visibility is a key aspect of enterprise security - if you don't see it, you can't secure it. The Asavie platform supports granular reports by mobile endpoint and an integrated analytics engine providing insights into:

  • Data usage trends
  • Productivity cycles
  • Anomaly detection
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Faster Deployment Times

Eliminate the time and cost of building private networks.

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Lifetime Secure

Continuous monitoring and updates for the latest threats.

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Scale on Demand

Minimize upfront costs with a pay as you go model.

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Software Defined Perimeter

Consistent security of all mobile assets regardless of location.

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Actioned Insights

Pro-active remediation based on machine learned insights.

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Manage and protect data and devices without boundaries.

Secure Mobile Assets, with Minimal Effort

The Asavie platform reduces the effort needed to secure enterprise mobile assets connecting to the internet and private applications in the enterprise private network or when deploying secure IoT projects.

Enterprises can with ease, configure private networks with private static IP addresses and security controls that protect the cellular edge of the digital business.

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