Enable employees to work the way they work in the office, but anywhere, anytime with smartphones, tablets, and laptops – simply connected.

Easy access to your Office network

Mobilizing your workforce can increase productivity and sales, as long as you give your employees remote access to your office systems and information.

Asavie Remote Access is a cloud based service that is simple to deploy, so you get the big business benefits of remote access without the big business cost or complexity.

Typical scenarios are the sales team on the road or the globetrotting executive who needs to stay in contact with the business.

Get your mobility strategy right

Because more flexible “anytime, anywhere” working comes at a high price, if you get it wrong, you risk exposing your organization to security threats and excessive data costs


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With no inbound ports open on your firewall, Asavie Remote Access is a highly secure way of connecting to your office. With extensive use of encryption, user access controls and device checking, you can be sure that your information is only accessible to authorized users.


Asavie Remote Access can easily accommodate changes in your remote access requirements by allowing you to add and remove remote users as your needs dictate ensuring that you always have a ‘right-sized’ solution. As the service is totally transparent to applications, you can easily rollout new applications and services to remote users.

Easy Setup

Asavie Remote Access requires no additional hardware in your office. You simply install a piece of software on an existing Windows server and then setup remote users with e-mail invitations. Within minutes, you can have your remote users working as if they were in the office.