Introducing Asavie SD Edge, extend SD-WAN & Private Networks to the Mobile Edge

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Sunil Khandekar

Sunil Khandekar

Founder & CEO, Nuage Networks

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For CIOs seeking to unify the management of endpoints across all areas of their digital business, Asavie’s SD Edge solution is an important enabler to secure mobile and IoT devices which until now have been outside the enterprise WAN. This creates new opportunities for service providers delivering SD-WANaaS to expand their offering beyond the fixed branch network and hybrid cloud to include mobile and IoT use cases.

A Networking Evolution to Enable Digital Transformation

Daniel Collins

Asavie Board
Co-founder & CTO Jasper (acquired by Cisco)

Clavem Reaserch Webinar Live Online April 16, 2020

Extend the Enterprise SD-WAN & Private Network to the Mobile & IoT Endpoints

Truly seamless, hassle-free mobility and IoT inclusion in the WAN is still missing. Learn from leading analysts, Clavem Research and Asavie, how enterprise CIOs can now deliver a seamless and secure connectivity experience to all mobile and IoT assets, as if inside the enterprise private network and generate greater RoI from their existing SD-WAN investments.

Joel Stradling

Joel Stradling

Founder & Lead Analyst,
Clavem Research

Mick H

Mick Higgins

SVP Product,


The Future is Mobile: Why SD-WAN is Flawed for Secure & Manageable Mobile & IoT Endpoints

Truly seamless, hassle-free mobility and IoT inclusion in the WAN is still missing. This paper from Clavem Research explores the reasons why and introduces Asavie SD Edge as a clientless footprint solution to make your IoT and mobile endpoints behave as if they are within the WAN, and preserve existing SD-WAN investments.

Michael Pellett

Michael Pellett

Principal Architect, Camelot UK Lotteries

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Enterprises today resort to cumbersome legacy technologies such as VPN to provide their mobile workforce with access to private data centre services and applications. Asavie SD Edge is an elegant, clientless solution, that addresses this challenge head on, by extending the security and usage policies from within the WAN out to the mobile workforce. It removes the need for a VPN by enabling a zero-footprint deployment that allows the IT department replicate the user experience behind the corporate firewall, out to the mobile endpoint.

Secure Enterprise Access

Asavie SD Edge is a self-serve mobile SD-WAN, to extend the enterprise private network to mobile assets. With flexible integrations into solutions of SD-WAN, ZTNA, and CASB, CIOs can enforce uniform corporate policies across fixed and mobile assets.

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Extending your Enterprise Private Network
to Mobile and IoT Devices

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Joel Stradling

Joel Stradling

Lead Analyst & Founder, Clavem Research

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Asavie SD Edge is the first clientless solution that we have seen that allows enterprises to close these gaps with self-serve Mobile and IoT SD-WAN branches. It enables the centralized orchestration and management of mobile and IoT endpoints that makes SD-WAN so agile. Additionally, with SD Edge, enterprises can extend their mobile network to the Network Gateway Firewall to help maximize the ROI on their existing security investments.

Asavie Blog

Redefining Mobile and IoT Security
for the Future

As SD-WAN vendors lay out their stalls for SD-WAN 2.0, now is the time to redefine mobile security. With the launch of SD Edge, Asavie is closing the gap between fixed and mobile security in SD-WAN. Enterprises now get unified management of their fixed and mobile assets, allowing enterprises to maximize the return of investment in SD-WAN.