SPS Secure Edge

Private Access
for the Mobile Business

These days, digital enterprises consume business applications in a hybrid multi-cloud world. But not all applications are cloud-ready. This creates access challenges in the mobile device estate, from which users need access to applications in the cloud and the enterprise private network.

Securing Enterprise Access

SPS Secure Edge is a self-serve mobile SD WAN, which extends the enterprise private network to mobile assets. CIOs can now deliver a seamless and secure connectivity experience to mobile assets, as if inside the enterprise private network.

With flexible integrations into solutions of SD-WAN, ZTNA, and CASB, CIOs can enforce uniform corporate policies across fixed and mobile assets.

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SPS Secure Edge

SPS Secure Edge enables enterprises to unify mobile asset security under the control of the enterprise private network. The result is:

  • Mobile assets managed as part of your enterprise private network
  • A secure network slice of the mobile network
  • Real-time security policy setting by group or individual
  • Clientless deployments - no VPNs needed on the mobile
  • Control of internet breakouts at the mobile edge
  • Integrated business intelligence reporting, with support for Power BI and Tableau

Benefits to your Business

Simplify how you manage mobile assets. Reduce the burden on IT and empower your employees without losing control.

Enhanced Security

Introduce safe mobile internet
with seamless access to enterprise applications.

Seamless Access

Eliminate the IT burden of managing VPN clients per mobile endpoint.


Enable CIOs to see all device
traffic for smarter policy management.

Utility Company Secures Internet for Mobile Assets with SPS Secure Edge

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Our business is our people and vehicles, we chose SPS Secure Edge and the Zero Trust Network Access, as it provides the right balance of security, visibility and internet policy controls.

Director of ICT
Utilities Services Company

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Faster Deployments

Get started with minimal effort. Benefit from automated on-boarding for mobiles and integration to leading UEMs.

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Zero Trust Network

Eliminate cumbersome VPN clients on employee mobiles. Simplify secure access using private APNs.

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Visibility & Control

See where every byte of mobile data goes, and use machine-learned analytics for enhanced security and notifications.

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Future Proofing

Reuse the fixed enterprise assets of security, firewalls and automation to secure mobile and IoT devices.

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Unified Management

Enjoy unified management, visibility and control for mobile (when combined with a fixed service such as SD-WAN).

Connect, Secure & Understand

It’s seamless to connect mobile endpoints to private data applications when you extend the enterprise private network to the mobile edge. ​And it means you can simplify IT support, with unified visibility and control across fixed, mobile and IoT assets.