SPS Secure Mobile

Secure Internet Fit for the Mobile Business

48% of employees will likely work remotely at least part of the time after COVID-19 versus 30% before the pandemic.*
But it’s vital to secure and control the workforce’s internet experience, even outside corporate firewall.

Secure Control for your Mobile Fleet

SPS Secure Mobile is a network-based, enterprise mobility service that ensures a highly secure internet experience for all your devices, wherever they are.

Our vantage position in the network gives you visibility, security and control across the mobile fleet, including smartphones, tablets and cellular routers.

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Supporting the Enterprise Digital Transformation​

Our network-based, on-demand solution includes a unified management portal for mobile endpoints like smartphones, tablets and cellular routers. Monitor and protect devices, while making sure employees on the move have a safe internet experience.

  • No client needed on the mobile device
  • Tailored policy configuration for groups and individuals
  • Self-serve portal
  • Visibility of all mobile traffic
  • Consistent security and control across all devices
  • Network-level protection
  • Microsoft 365 and UEM integrations

Benefits to your Business

Empower your employees without losing control. Help groups and individuals be more productive, by personalizing their internet experience.

Secure Internet

We prevent malware, phishing and ransomware attacks before they reach the device, extending security beyond your corporate firewall.


Our vantage point in the network means we eliminate visibility gaps across the mobile fleet. You get detailed insights on usage and cost trends.


Put and protect business data and applications in the hands of your mobile workforce. Keep them focused by removing online distractions.

Gray Line Tours Deliver Secure On-board WiFi

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We realized we could set up flexible rules and exceptions while still reducing our costs and delivering a high-quality internet experience.

Tom Morgan
CEO, Gray Line Tours, Tucson

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Tailor access to apps and content to remove online distractions

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Keep your mobile estate safe from phishing and malware sites.

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Optimize data management to tailor the business mobile internet experience.

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Gain unparalleled visibility and insights to drive your policies.

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Global Reach

Manage costs, and protect data and devices without boundaries.

Mobilize your Workforce.
Keep them Safe.

Boost employee productivity, gain control and visibility, and ensure a safe mobile internet experience for your whole workforce.

SPS Secure Mobile protects your business from cyber-attacks before they happen, while still giving employees access to the applications they need to be productive.

* Gartner: 9 Future of Work Trends Post COVID-19, 2021