Reaching your limit, on your mobile data allowance

by Liz Edwards for blog, EMM

What happens when you go over your mobile data allowance?

One of our customers, an on-call nurse agency in USA, had been getting notifications by email that they were using more than their mobile data allowance. (Usage beyond an allocated allowance is commonly known as overages.) Due to unsociable hours of operation, the company’s admin were always playing catch up. They were alerting their nurses afterthey had reached their data limit. This meant they were acting too late, and still getting overage charges.

The good news is that mobile carriers are offering solutions to this common problem of bill shock.

Currently carriers have real time alerts to notify end users when they are reaching their data usage limit.  This is a hugely usful tool. But the customer then has the option to pass their monthly data cap, which can get costly.

Limitations to real time alerts

  1. End user is required to take action upon receiving SMS or email notification.
    What if a user does not action the SMS/email or of they are on a device such as a MiFi or data card where the SMS/email is not visible?
  2. What if the admin is contacted by SMS/email and the user’s details are not be up to date resulting in a false alert?
  3. What if admin are unable to view the alert due to out of office hours?

Asavie has a solution

Moda is a mobile data management solution that gives your business complete control over the type and amount of data used by Vodafone mobile devices.

  • Create alerts when users are near to 50% of the mobile data package.
  • Apply user policies where high or inappropriate data usage is detected before the situation arises. Example: Deny “streaming video” services like Netflix.
  • Set thresholds with a breached threshold automatically restricting the users’ data consumption with a mix of limiting internet access speeds, blocking websites and setting mobile data limits.

Best of both worlds:

Notifications of data usage is essential, but what is even more important is the corrective actions that need to take place to prevent overages.

Back to our on-call nurses example.

Within minutes Asavie’s powerful controls were configured to not only alert when data usage soared but also to control it and prevent access to bandwidth hogging apps/sites. Also simply providing access to sites needed to get the job done. A simple and massively powerful tool.

Learn more about our powerful tool that provides control, alerting and prevention all in one, Asavie Moda.

Or if you are in the US, have a look at AT&T/Access My LAN

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