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Asavie Moda Datasheet

Asavie Moda lets you set mobile data usage policies for employees, restricting access to websites that use up valuable data and distract them from getting on with their jobs. Asavie Moda helps you to securely control your mobile data costs and increase mobile worker productivity. A user-friendly portal that puts businesses in control.

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Asavie IoT Connect Datasheet

Asavie IoT Connect is a self-service web portal that enables organizations of all sizes to set up and manage cellular connectivity for their IoT devices. Create and manage an IoT network with a few simple clicks and none of the project overhead or lead time that so often derails or delays IoT innovation. Asavie IoT Connect removes the need for bespoke per-customer network builds or complex integrations. Just get your SIM cards, set up your network and deploy – all from the comfort of an easy-to-use browser.


Asavie PassBridge Datasheet

Creating simple and flexible IoT connectivity solutions for end users is a complicated process for a communications service provider. Carriers need to help firms scale their projects from one to many connected devices; accelerate the time to market for their end users’ connected projects and also differentiate their IoT connectivity propositions from the competition.


White Papers

A practical guide with a case study and useful recommendations, this report aims to help decision-makers
inside operators seize the opportunities afforded by mobile and network security. By highlighting major challenges
and demand trends, it should spur operators to implement the technology partnerships, products and business
processes needed to best pursue opportunities in this new and increasingly vital market.


Asavie Moda White Paper - An Enterprise Guide to Effectively Managing and Controlling Mobile Data Usage

Mobilizing the workforce has been one of the dominant trends in business technology over the last five years and shows signs of accelerating rather than abating. According to Citrix (Mobile Analytics Report, February 2015), the number of devices managed in enterprises nearly doubled last year. And the data consumed is not just growing in volume, but also in sophistication.

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Download this eBook to learn how a MNO can benefit from selling mobile as a managed services to small businesses. The eBook includes 10 ways for telcos to win new business from SMEs, and retain existing customers.

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Six Steps To Better Mobile Management

Mobilizing your workforce can increase productivity and sales but you need a well-executed strategy to get there. Why? Because more flexible “anytime anywhere” working comes at a high price if you get it wrong, exposing your organization to security risks and excessive data costs. In this eBook we outline six crucial steps to better mobility management for businesses of any size.

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Putting IoT Connectivity at the heart of your IoT Innovation – from Prototype to Production


Asavie Careers

Are you interested in joining a dynamic organisation at the forefront of next generation business mobility services? Can your skills contribute towards building a world leading business? Asavie are looking for your expertise and dedication to help drive excellence in performance. If you think you have what it takes to really make a contribution in our company then contact us at

Asavie Moda Controls your mobile data

Asavie Moda is the perfect mobility management solution to help you efficiently manage your mobile staff. You can  set mobile data usage policies for employees, restricting access to websites that use up valuable data and distract them from getting on with their jobs.

MoDa de Asavie controla sus datos en movilidad

MoDa de Asavie es la solución perfecta de gestión de comunicaciones en movilidad para ayudarle a gestionar eficazmente su personal dentro y fuera de la oficina. Puede establecer políticas de uso de los datos móviles que restrinjan el acceso a sitios web específicos, los cuales consumen gran cantidad de datos y además distraen la atención de los empleados del foco de su trabajo.

Asavie Moda makes shared data plans fair

Asavie Moda is the perfect companion to your shared mobile data plan. Wide-open internet access is no longer a problem as Asavie Moda gives you the ability to control access to over a billion websites and apps in just one click. Simply tailor a policy that suits your business and keep your employees productive and information secure, while also ensuring data lasts longer!

Asavie Moda secures your mobile assets

Asavie Moda protects your mobile assets from malicious attacks and malware at source. Also use Moda for your essential security features including remote locate, lock, wipe and password enforcement.

Asavie Remote Access

Enable employees to work the way they work in the office, but anywhere, anytime with smartphones, tablets, and laptops – simply connected.

Asavie Moda demo

This short video demonstrates how Asavie Moda can help you protect and control mobile data .

Platform Architecture - Internet of Things

With the convergence of the digital and physical worlds there is less differentiation between people and the devices that surround us. Everybody and everything will be connected. No matter how complex the IoT connectivity project, Asavie PassBridge® solves the scalability, security and management challenges encountered by organizations large and small when rolling out their IoT projects.


10 Ways for Operators to win and retain SME customers

This Infographic helps has 10 tips for operators to win and retain SME customers.

The Importance of Mobile Security

In this Infographic discover the factors holding back Enterprise Mobility, and some practical ways to improve mobile security.