Powering Secure IoT Connectivity for Global Partners

Secure IOT Connectivity On-Demand

Asavie IoT Connect powers the IoT connectivity marketplaces of some of the world’s leading mobile network operators. Asavie enables these MNOs offer private network connectivity for cellular IoT devices as an on-demand subscription service. This private connectivity service is complemented by advanced analytical insights and IoT data control services. All of these services are delivered as strategic value added services to enrich the MNOs’ existing SIM lifecycle management platform investments.  Leveraging Asavie IoT Connect, MNOs help their enterprise customers rapidly scale their IoT projects, shielded from cyber attacks with full visibility and control of their IoT data usage.

SingTel IoT Connect+

SingTel and Asavie partnered to deliver SingTel IoTConnect+ which provides businesses with private network connectivity for their cellular IoT devices. The isolated private network takes IoT devices off the public Internet, eliminating exposure to cyber threats. It enables businesses to make more informed commercial decisions with full control and real-time visibility into connectivity and data usage. Easily manage IoT devices through the self-service web portal, without the need for specialist IT support.

Vodafone IoT Express

Vodafone IoT Express is built on Asavie IoT Connect and delivers a scalable, on-demand secure IoT connectivity service to all customers in a very cost effective manner. It unlocks enterprise-grade IoT tools for businesses of all sizes and is compatible with as little as one SIM. It is suitable for both large businesses starting a new trial or a smaller company beginning to develop their IoT capabilities with small investment.

AWS Marketplace

Asavie has worked with the AWS Marketplace team and our global carrier partners to simplify access to secure IoT connectivity. The result of our efforts has been to deliver hassle free AWS contracts for IoT security that developers can now purchase on their corporate or personal AWS accounts. With Asavie and AWS developers can provision, activate and manage their own private cellular network. This allows them to securely connect their IoT cellular devices to AWS cloud services across multiple jurisdictions.

eir IoT Connect

eir IoT Connect is built on Asavie’s IoT Connect on-demand private network connectivity service.  eir Business was the first Irish carrier to launch an online-IoT managed connectivity service with global coverage. eir IoT Connect provides the ability to offer single SIM IoT connections quickly to enterprises and rapidly scale these to thousands of connections as required. A simple self-service web portal that enables users to set up and manage
cellular connectivity for their IoT devices.