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Intelligent network services, eliminating the guesswork to secure IoT connectivity

Asavie IoT Connect

End-to-end private connectivity

Asavie IoT Connect is for the security conscious enterprise and/or carrier, who wants the best in-class security for their IoT deployments. Asavie IoT Connect enables configurable end-to-end private connectivity over both wired and wireless access technologies.

  • Highly scalable networks connecting the IoT edge to the cloud/on-premise
  • Dynamic provisioning of granular security policies
  • Private network, keeping IoT deployments “off the public internet”

Managing IoT Trust

Identity access management

Asavie IoT Connect’s configurable trust authority ensures that only authenticated devices and server host machines can access the dedicated or private IoT network.

Asavie IoT Connect supports multiple trust and authentication schemes for access authorization on the private network:

  • Integrated carrier APNs, with dedicated APIs to query the cellular network subscriber databases
  • Digital certificate authority, acting as a trust broker for constrained devices connecting to secure cloud/on-premise locations

Effective IoT Security

Next generation of protection

Asavie IoT Connect combines flexible connectivity with the next generation of security. Asavie IoT Connect is truly unique in its offering for IoT security as it enables dynamic security policy provisioning at both the network and application layer.

Traffic control and management

Asavie IoT Connect provides the necessary controls to ensure no exposure to bill-shock from excessive data usage from any single device. Controls include access to legitimate locations for software updates and/or blocking calls to unwanted domains, eliminating the chance of cybersecurity exploits.

Off the public Internet
Irrespective of connecting things over wired or wireless access networks, Asavie IoT Connect ensures that the Things and Servers on the private network are invisible from prying eyes on the public internet.

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Asavie IoT Connect - Elastic Networks

Enabling software defined networks for IoT deployments

Asavie IoT Connect is built on top of a highly scalable software defined networking platform, Asavie PassBridge. With an intuitive web based interface, Asavie IoT Connect enables the provisioning of unique networks per connected project with ease.

Customers choose Asavie IoT Connect as it:

  • Abstracts the complexity of provisioning secure networks for IoT deployments
  • Eliminates unnecessary spend – no up front costs for physical network infrastructure
  • Enables aggregation of IoT data from multiple network types – resilient network architecture
  • Easily scales from concept to production deployment – no compromise to security or additional costs

Granular IoT Network Control

User defined network slicing

Asavie IoT Connect includes the flexibility to provision and deploy connectivity in minutes. Asavie IoT Connect enables flexible address assignment, at scale and on demand. Users can quickly tailor unique network slices per device grouping, simplifying the most demanding of IoT deployments.

Dynamic Connectivity
Within minutes provision and deploy scaled networks connecting the IoT edge to where you need it. Equally in the same time, re-organise and/or redeploy the connected Thing without losing connectivity and without compromising the network’s security posture.

Aggregating Disparate Networks

Future proof IoT deployments

Asavie IoT Connect enables enterprises and carriers with the ability to build seamless connectivity across multiple access technologies of Wi-fi, LTE and satellite.

This unique ability to federate data from different network access types, ensures future compatibility with:

  • Low power wide are networks (LPWAN) e.g. LoRa and Zigbee
  • 5G, LTE-M1, NB-IoT


Cellular Carrier Agnostic
Asavie IoT Connect is used to aggregate data from unique carrier service providers, facilitating both local and global coverage for IoT deployments, enabling Enterprises to rapidly expand IoT initiatives on-demand.

Intelligent IoT network services

Subscriber self-managed networks

Asavie IoT Connect complements the carrier IoT offering, by enabling subscribers with the flexibility to self-manage their connectivity. Asavie helps to securely extend the carrier’s network beyond the mobile core gateways and into the cloud and/or subscriber premise server.

Subscribers gain the granular control necessary to define the network that works for them, Asavie’s carrier advantages include:

  • Empowerment of customers – flexibility to define network architecture and security postures that work
  • Enhanced customer experience – web based user interface, enabling ease of management of connectivity and security
  • Robust security – helping IoT customers to minimize exposure to security threats at an application and network layer

Deployment lifecycle management

Asset management and tracking

Asavie IoT Connect is easily integrated with the carrier’s network, and provides full lifecycle management of cellular IoT deployments: purchase, provision, activate and management

From a centralized, web based portal end-users gain complete control and insight to their IoT deployments activity. With live reporting on network activity, end-users can on-demand actively manage their costs. Additional advantages of Asavie IoT Connect is the ability to track all assets pre and post deployment.

Subscription based IoT Connectivity

Reduced total cost of ownership

Asavie IoT Connect is delivered as a software as a service; which includes connectivity management, dynamic security policies, along with asset tracking and live reporting. Asavie IoT Connect enables developers and enterprises to budget their connectivity through operational expenditure (OPEX) for the complete lifetime of the IoT deployment.

With no additional expenditure on the purchase and maintenance of physical infrastructure or internal expertise, Asavie IoT Connect enables users to start with a proof of concept and scale on-demand as their projects grow.

Provision, Activate and Manage IoT connectivity

Aggregating IoT data from multiple carriers

5 steps to successful IoT deployments