Asavie IoT Connect
(now part of the Asavie SD suite - Asavie SD IoT)

Secure IoT
from Cyber Threats

With no cost effective and on demand way to establish mobile private networks to secure IoT, enterprises are unintentionally being exposed to cyber risks, by connecting IoT devices to the public internet.

Asavie IoT Connect is a self-serve private IoT network service. The secure IoT on demand network service protects IoT devices by reducing the expsoure to cyber attack.
The private IoT network supports remote access to IoT devices, visibility and control of IoT traffic. Along with insights and anomaly detection, enterprise's can be assured IoT deployments are safe from day 1.

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Asavie IoT Connect

Private IoT networks allow enterprises to rapidly deploy and secure IoT use cases in confidence, secure IoT deployments are achieved with:

  • Private static IP addresses
  • IP and DNS policies
  • VPN to cloud and/or on-premise servers
  • Secure IoT cloud integrations

Business Benefits

Asavie IoT Connect is integrated with global Tier 1 carriers to deliver a custom private cellular connectivity experience for IoT projects. Asavie IoT Connect provides a highly resilient and secure connection from the cellular network into your own private network that connects to your cloud or on-premise applications.

Faster Time to Market

Eliminates the time needed to architect, build and maintain a secure IoT network in-house.

Lower Cost of Ownership

In real-time, control and manage the operational efficiency of IoT deployments, includes data usage.

Secure IoT from Day 1

On-demand production ready network that is isolated from the public internet.

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In a connected world, Asavie IoT Connect makes IoT business operations simpler,
smarter and more secure.

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Faster Deployments

Achieve secure cloud scale networks in minutes with reduced development effort.

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Zero Trust Network

Requires no additional software on the IoT edge, ideal for constraint devices.

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Visibility & Control

Ease of monitoring IoT status and health, with insights into anomalies.

Remote access

Quickly and easily manage IoT devices over the air, saving time and money for in-life management of IoT deployments.

Minimize Effort
for Faster Deployments Times

Asavie IoT Connect provisioning and automation reduces the time to develop and deploy IoT projects at scale.
Enterprises can configure a private network with private static IP addresses, to securely connect the cellular edge to the cloud and/or on-premise in minutes.