The Accessible Internet of Things, levelling the playing field in the world of IOT

by Asavie Press for blog, IOT, M2M


how small and large enterprises can scale their Machine to Machine projects from the get go.

We live in an ever more inclusive world where there is an expectation that fairness prevails and your circumstance should not necessarily dictate the options you have to choose from. This sense of fairness and inclusiveness has spilled over in to the business world where ideas are shared via social networks and open source technologies make it possible for the smallest of start-ups to bring complex new solutions to market and compete with the biggest companies in the world.

But if Gartner’s latest Digital prediction, that by 2021, 1 million new IoT devices will be purchased every hour of every day is to become a reality, there is a need for the IOT playing field to be levelled for all players.

And at first glance it would appear that, at least for the consumer, the playing field has been leveled on the connected home front. Take the latest offerings from Google company nest or the competing hivehome from BT Gas, they just work and more importantly you don’t have to be a technology genius to make them work. These products make video surveillance and building climate control seem simple, they make you feel like anyone can afford to have this level of control.

Why can’t everything be controlled and connected in a simple way

The frustration arrives, for me at least, when I look around the office or at industry and wonder why everything cannot be controlled and connected in such a simple way. Cellular networks have not evolved as quickly as their Wi-Fi brethren, you often get a bland Internet connection that does little beyond connecting your mobile devices to the Internet to consume websites and other Internet based content. That is of course unless you are big enough with deep pockets and can convince your cellular carrier to build private cellular connectivity for your organization. Even then this connectivity often comes with very limited configurability and at great cost. The private cellular connectivity that enables IOT is often beyond the realm of small to medium businesses, the playing field is far from level when you play the game on those terms. After all, connecting a car, or a vending machine, or an oil well to the secure Internet of Things should be as simple as connecting your new smart TV or home climate control system to your home Wi-Fi.

At Asavie we have taken a unique approach to ensuring that companies of all sizes will be in a position to leverage the opportunity of IOT and with our next generation connectivity solutions we have brought private cellular connectivity to companies of any size.  Cost effectively being able to deploy 5 or 5000 devices in a matter of minutes sounds like science fiction to anyone who hasn’t witnessed it before but it is now possible with Asavie. As Charlie Peters of Emerson in an interview with Stacey Higginbottam of GigaOm stated on Gigaom’s Internet of Things podcast, IOT “… will be extremely disruptive…” and that “…massive gains will be made by startups…” because they will have the ability to move quickly. The IOT playing field has been levelled. In the coming months we will be talking more about this topic and why secure Machine-to-Machine connectivity is central to the success of future wide-scale IOT deployments.

Visit the Asavie website for more information on IOT.

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