Security as a Service for Small and Medium businesses

Octavio Hernandez

The COMPLEXITY of keeping your business Secure

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Let’s face it, security is hard. For too long, it seems like the technology industry’s answer was to push the effort back into the user. We all know the messages: patch and update with the latest software; be wary of what links you click; use passwords that are difficult to remember (and change them frequently).

That feels like a lot to think about before you even start doing the work you’re being paid to do. And to cap it all, the technology is becoming more complicated, not simpler.

Enterprises spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on security, which is wasted if they don’t tackle security on mobile devices.

Locking down our desktops and enabling security on hardware that doesn’t go anywhere is all well and good. However, many of us today own more devices than ever, and we bring many of them with us between our homes and the office – and all points in between.

That means yet more hardware to protect and lock down, more passwords to remember … you get the idea. Mobile security is like the bathroom window that everyone forgets to close, even as we’ve locked the front door on leaving the house.

Remember to secure all mobile devices

And we really should be thinking about mobile security. Research has shown that the current number one concern facing small and medium sized businesses today is not bill shock, it’s web threats like malicious sites, phishing and spam email.

To keep all the devices secure businesses need to:

  1. Defend against mobile threats like ransomware
  2. Comply to regulations like GDPR, MIFID and HIPAA
  3. Secure devices and the data on them when the get lost or stolen

Security as a Service for small business

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Risks from jailbroken devices or outdated operating systems also figure heavily for customers. Both represent a potential weak point in your business – a way in for opportunistic attackers and criminals to do serious damage.

While large enterprises have budgets and bodies to throw at this problem, the same isn’t true for small and medium enterprises. Larger organizations are also better able to absorb the impact of a security incident. Smaller firms aren’t so lucky. If their mobile devices turn out to be infected with malicious software, that could spell serious trouble – potentially jeopardizing their entire business.

Complexity is the enemy of security

We’ve reached the point where security is too hard for a small business to do on its own. Most of all they need security but more than anything, they need someone else to do it for them. To bring all the various security functionalities in one place, exploring Security as a Service is a great option. 

Mobile Operators are ideally placeD to supply Security as a Service

In today’s mobile-first world, your vendor mix will have to change. Mobile network operators are ideally placed to step up. They have the size and reach to be able to provide stable, reliable service and to take away the complexity challenge. They’re best placed to enable access to critical data without compromising on protection; to keep that data safe, to manage app usage and provide mobile threat defense.

In the U.S., many businesses and individuals use tax preparers to navigate the complex landscape of the tax system and take care of the details. Wouldn’t it be nice if security was like that? Consequently SMEs can easily move a complex problem from the box marked ‘too hard’ to the box marked ‘done’. How? Work with the mobile operator to get the benefit of a layered approach to security. 

If you’re a Mobile Network Operator interested in developing a Security as a Service proposition for your business customers, learn more from our ebook.