Defending IoT Against
the Unknown

While crucial, continuous monitoring and maintenance of IoT connectivity can be overlooked in IoT projects. The result? Disruptive downtime that could easily be avoided.

Performance Insights for IoT

Healthy IoT deployments require real-time visibility. Akamai's private IoT solution uses the unique vantage point of the network to provide continuous monitoring of all IoT traffic flows. This gives your enterprise more robust and secure IoT deployments.

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Machine Learned Anomaly Detection

Akamai provides machine-learned insights that highlight anomalies within your connected IoT estate. This business intelligence is easily integrated into solutions like PowerBI and Tableau, giving you insights into traffic and data patterns of IoT device activity.

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IoT Insights

Get insights into usage patterns, with alert notifications for unusual traffic.


Visibility & Control

Manage IoT health, with IoT traffic and device performance trends.

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Enhanced Security

Protect against malware and DDoS attacks with network layer security.

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The average days to contain the data breach increased from 66 to 69 days. We attribute the increase in days to the growth in the use of IoT devices, extensive use of mobile platforms, increased migration to the cloud and compliance failures.


Benefits to your Business

Asavie’s vision is to help enterprises transform their businesses in a multi-cloud, multi-network digital world.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Eliminates the hassle and time of building and maintaining private networks in-house.

Reduced Effort

Simple to use service, with automation framework to connect on-premise and to the cloud.

Future Proofed

Keep your enterprise secure, continuous integration of the latest in networking technologies.

Energy Firm Protects Assets with SPS Secure IoT

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Trust in the data we aggregate from our energy storage assets is core to the success of our Virtual Power Plant. We get this peace of mind from Akamai.

Liam Breathnach
CTO, Solo Energy