Securing Mobility
for the Airline Industry

Aviation is one of the fastest-growing sectors globally. Both airport authorities and airlines rely heavily on connected devices. But cyberthreats can disrupt service and have a significant impact on operations, potentially affecting sensor information, handheld devices of ground crews, pilots' digital flight packs and more.

Private Mobile Networks for Aviation

Asavie provides unified secure connectivity for mobile endpoints meaning airport authorities and airlines can easily manage employee access to the internet. This gives workers more productive and secure mobile environments and minimizes distraction. Furthermore, Asavie's on-demand private networks keep machine to machine communications secure by isolating them from the danger of the public internet.

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Enhancing Mobile Security
for Airlines & Airport ​Authorities

Asavie’s self-serve networks, extend protection to the airport and aviation industries mobility. Our multi-layer solution offers a unified management platform that is precisely suited for the multiple types of mobile devices used by airline staff on the ground and in the air.

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Roaming Controls

Monitor, customize and control online usage for each different geographical zone.


Optimized Networks

Avail of easy-to-implement networks designated to aviation applications with real-time policy management for greater agility.

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Custom Policies

Create and adapt business rules to suit the needs of different groups in your aviation organization.

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Commercial airlines accounted for 61 percent of all detected aviation-related cyber-attacks in 2020

Eurocontrol, 2021

Benefits to your Business

Akamai helps enterprises transform their businesses securely in a multi-cloud, multi-network digital world.


Reduce the costs and complexity of protecting ATI mobile fleets and aviation data in transit.

Return of Investment

Maximize RoI in existing operations by using fixed asset security systems.


Benefit from cross-border data protection and device security, ensuring regulatory and compliance adherence.

Service Providers

Our partner SITA is one of the key Managed Service Providers (MSP) delivering our self-serve on-demand services to global and regional airlines to power secure mobile access from legacy implementations to the most advanced greenfield IoT and enterprise SD-WAN deployments.