A Safe Online Experience
for Education

Digital technologies are driving the learning experience outside the classroom and bringing it to more people than before. The new educational model requires a safe online experience for students and educators alike.

Creating a Safe Internet Experience for Students

Akamai provides schools with a network-based solution for mobile devices that keeps students and teachers protected from harmful content and malicious actors. Akamai plays a key role in ensuring compliance with child protection regulations while supporting schools in delivering the most appropriate learning tools to students.

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Security and Control
for School-Owned Devices

SPS Secure Mobile provides schools with a private slice of the mobile network so that all traffic is secure and away from malicious actors. At the same time, it allows IT teams to create robust usage policies to ensure students maximise learning time away from online distractions.


Network-Based Security

Prevent cyber attacks against any type of SIM-enabled device with network-level security


Website Categorization

Ensure students have access to the right content and applications while preventing access to online distractions

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Tamper-proof Policies

Set up usage policies at the individual or group level that stay with the SIM card even if it is removed from the device

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In 2020, 77 individual ransomware attacks affected over 1,740 schools and colleges, potentially impacting 1.36 million students.

Comparitech, 2021

Benefits for Educational Institutions

Akamai provides a safe online environment where students can thrive and make the most of learning opportunities

Improved Security

Protect students online against harmful content on any type of SIM-enabled device

Enhanced Compliance

Ensure compliance with children and families online regulation on all school-owned devices

Improved Visibility

Learn how students use the internet to deliver more targeted learning materials

Akamai and AT&T Partner to Bridge the Resource Gap