Compliance for Enterprise Mobility and IoT

The proliferation of mobile and IoT devices with access to an organization’s infrastructure and customer data creates compliance challenges. The challenge is further compounded by the lack of security in mobile and IoT devices, exposing the organization’s network to compliance risks.

Compliance Adherence Made Easy

Asavie provides organizations with a simple yet powerful way to implement the core pillars of compliance adherence, these include - consent, privacy, security, trust, and accountability. Enterprises choose Asavie because of the high standard of compliance maintained and certifications upheld on our platform and business practices.

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Delivering a Compliance Adherence Strategy

Asavie is used by global organizations to protect and secure both mobile and IoT devices. Asavie's unique service offerings facilitate a range of compliance adherence strategies - from private networks segments ideal for PCI compliance, to security policies for HIPAA and GDPR data protection.


Employee Security

With 26 categories and 150+ sub-categories, tailor the internet experience of workers to meet regulatory requirements.


Secure Content Access

The network layer controls allow administrators to manage granular access to data with visibility of the entire mobile estate for enhanced security.

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Device Protection

Segment and isolate devices into unique private networks with network-layer security, to secure and protect against malware and phishing attacks.

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Even if mobile devices are secured, there is considerable potential for the users of those devices to violate HIPAA rules or company policies – and not necessarily on purpose.

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Benefits to your Business

Asavie’s vision is to help enterprises transform their businesses in a multi-cloud, multi-network digital world.

Peace of Mind

Reassurance for CISOs that compliance rules are consistently applied to all mobile devices.

Lower Compliance Costs

Eliminate costly infrastructure requirements, by leveraging the Asavie certified platform.

Minimal Effort

Assisted and integrated UEM onboardings, intuitive dashboards for ease of management.

Asavie Certifications

At Asavie we take data protection seriously. We have implemented the strictest industry security best practices throughout our organization in order to ensure our services are designed and built to meet the most rigorous industry security standards.

Asavie Certifications