Data Security
for the Mobile Workforce

Protecting business data is paramount for the mobile enterprise. With malware continuously evolving and cyberattacks on the rise, you need a trusted and reliable solution to stop attacks before they reach devices.

Secure the Mobile Enterprise
from the Network Up

Akamai is the leader in providing enterprises with network-level security for the mobile workforce. When your employees access data and applications, we ensure they’re protected from malicious actors and malware attacks by removing all traffic from the public Internet.

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Network-layer Security that Works for your Business

Because of its vantage position in the core network, Akamai provides strong defense against malware and phishing attacks before they reach the mobile device. Our machine learning technology allows us to assess content and applications in real time to determine if they present a risk to the user.

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Private Connectivity

Remove your confidential data accessed through mobile devices from the public Internet and away from malicious actors.

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Network-Layer Security

Defend against security threats by blocking unknown or unregistered domains.

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Agnostic Solution

Protect the full range of devices in your organization including smartphones, tablets and cellular routers.

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54% of of companies that had experienced a mobile-related security breach attributed it, at least in part, to user behavior.

Mobile Security Index, 2021

Benefits to your Business

Akamai helps enterprises transform their businesses securely in a multi-cloud, multi-network digital world.

Mobile Protection

IT teams can extend security policies onto the network and protect data and devices.

Freedom & Autonomy

Mobile workers know they are protected against malicious actors and phishing attacks.


Mobile teams become increasingly productive as new efficiencies are introduced to everyday tasks.

Empowering Communities through Digital Technology

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We wanted to provide a tool to help everyone get online, educate themselves, apply for jobs, and keep in touch with family and friends. But we need to manage the tablets so that security and costs are kept under control.

Jason Tutin
Digital and Learning Development Manager,
Leeds Libraries and Information Service