Embrace a Secure Mobility Strategy Fit for your Industry

Business leaders in all industry sectors face a common challenge of managing the innovation and security associated with mobility and IoT. A key challenge associated with mobile, is the lack of visibility or "how is the enterprise using mobile data", creating potential security gaps, productivity issues and compliance vulnerabilities.

Secure Solutions for the Mobile Enterprise

Asavie’s SD products provide a holistic approach to securing and managing mobiles. We work closely with our customers to understand their specific mobility use cases and pain points. Asavie’s SD products offer a comprehensive set of capability, that powers organizations and employees with safer mobile internet experiences. Furthermore, organizations gain benefits of productivity, cost management and compliance.

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A Tailored Mobile Experience
Fit for Every Industry

Asavie provides solutions to CIOs and IT to tackle the secure connectivity problems faced when running a business on a day-to-day basis. Asavie makes it simple to implement mobility strategies that help increase profit and productivity amongst employees. 

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Learned Insights

Granular reporting that provides insights into mobile data usage and trends. Trigger better policies and respond to threats in real time.

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Tailored Experience

Flexible policy-setting that fits into the requirements of your organization and ensures compliance with external regulations.

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Global Access

A solution that works at local and international levels with tailored usage rules per zone. Assign data quotas and speeds to meet your needs.

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Mobile devices are unleashing productivity and collaboration in the workforce, especially for the 70 percent of workers who don’t sit behind a desk every day.

Deloitte Insights

Benefits to your Business

Asavie’s vision is to help enterprises transform their businesses in a multi-cloud, multi-network digital world.


We remove the complexity out
of securing and controlling mobile devices.


We give business owners peace of mind that mobile workers are secure and productive.

Zero-Gap Visibility

Eliminate gaps in the visibility & understanding of your mobile data traffic across all your mobile fleet.

Home Security Firm Trusts SD Mobile

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SD Mobile allowed us to immediately gain better insights and control of our mobile device estate and our mobile data bills.

Jason Vaughan
Director of Operations, Safe Haven ADT

Explore Asavie's industry specific solutions to
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