Automating Access
to IoT Cloud Services

Access to IoT cloud services requires an inventory of digital certificates. The challenge enterprises face is how to provision and securely maintain routine updates of IoT digital certificates for devices live in the field.

Scalable Cloud Access

Akamai's intelligent IoT network service gives you an automation framework for IoT cloud access. The automation framework supersedes the need for digital credentials on the IoT device. Furthermore, the software management of digital keys eliminates manual handling of certificates, enabling more secure and faster roll-outs.

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Say Goodbye to Manual Handling of Digital Certificates

Akamai's IoT cloud services connector uses a standard SIM (soft SIM or eSIM) as the anchor of trust to create cloud credentials. Credentials are stored in a private key managed service vault.  Furthermore, the service allows for seamless access to different clouds.

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Cert Free Devices

Eliminates the need for credentials on the device, ideal for constrained devices.


Secure from Day One

Private network with a secure key vault management service.

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Cloud Scale Ready

Scale deployments without the complexity of credential management.

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It is important as you embark on your IoT journey that, as you set your goals, you very clearly identify the business value rather than the technological challenges.

Mark Hung, Vice President, Gartner Research

Benefits to your Business

Asavie’s vision is to help enterprises transform their businesses in a multi-cloud, multi-network digital world.

No Security Bypass

Security policies are applied in the network, eliminating the risk of SIM theft and security tampering.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Eliminates the hassle and time of building and maintaining secure key vaults in-house.

Highly Scalable

Securely provision IoT cloud access for thousands of devices, in the time it takes to get a coffee.

Saving Lives with SPS Secure IoT

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The global distribution of AEDs is driving demand for innovative services in healthcare device monitoring. Through our partnership with Akamai, we can securely connect devices for status monitoring from anywhere in the world.

Lars Wassermann
CEO, CardiLink