Secure Enterprise Access
to Mobile Devices

Traditionally, mobile endpoints access enterprise networks through a VPN client on the mobile device. But when VPN clients go wrong, they're a major source of frustration to both employees and IT admins.

Simplifying Enterprise Access for IoT

Asavie secures mobile traffic through a private mobile network slice to the Asavie platform and then on to the enterprise private network using an IPsec concentrator. Traffic not bound for the IPsec tunnel is broke out to the internet locally on the mobile edge.

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Secure IoT Access with IPsec

The Asavie managed IPsec as a service simplifies private network access for mobile endpoints. The software-defined network is highly adaptable, allowing IT admins to route traffic to on-premise and/or cloud applications. With no VPN software clients on the mobile, your enterprise has the flexibility to host applications where it wants.

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Mobile VPN Concentrator

Reduce IT management effort and licensing costs.

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No Software

Eliminate the need for software and unique credentials on each mobile.

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Lower Cost of Ownership

Use existing enterprise security infrastructure, thereby maximizing RoI.

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Malware attacks against mobile devices have rocketed, with hackers increasingly turning their attention to attacking smartphones with credential-theft, surveillance, and malicious advertising.


Benefits to your Business

Asavie’s vision is to help enterprises transform their businesses in a multi-cloud, multi-network digital world.


We remove the complexity out of securing and controlling mobile devices.


We give businesses peace of mind so mobile workers can maximize their potential and productivity.


We make compliance and policy enforcement easy and consistent across your entire mobile estate.

Saving Lives with Asavie SD IoT

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Asavie’s global presence, enables us to address a global market with minimal risk to the security of connected medical devices. This secure connectivity enables us to evolve new services that will be key to saving lives in the future.

Lars Wassermann
CEO, CardiLink