Private Networks for Flexible and Secure Communications

Digitalization has undoubtedly disrupted everyday enterprise processes and workflows. Enterprise IT must now rise to the twin challenges of highly distributed data and the need to access data from anywhere on multiple devices.

Securing Mobile Access

At Akamai, we believe the most secure way for an enterprise to run their business is through private networks. SPS Secure products provide enterprises with a private mobile network slice, in which they can control the enterprise mobile experience and secure IoT endpoints.

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Mobile Networks that you Control

SPS Secure products of software defined networks provide robust and high performance connectivity. Enterprises can quickly and easily secure access to enterprise applications leveraging:

  • Zero trust connectivity
  • VPN as a service (IPsec)
  • Mobile SD-WAN branch
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Network Layer Security

Consistent protection of all mobile endpoints against cyber threats.


Seamless Access

Secure access to enterprise private networks without the need for VPNs.

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Self-serve Networks

Automation of network setup and device registration into a private network.

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44% of IP Traffic by 2023 will be smartphones

Cisco VNI Mobile Forecasts

White Paper

Enterprise Network Security and the Future of Work

Where and how we work has been significantly transformed in recent months. In this paper, Clavem Research discusses the technical challenges enterprise face in delivering the future of work from anywhere. The paper delves into the challenges of delivering business continuity in an evolving world of risk and highlights the advantages of private mobile network slices in enabling the future of work from anywhere.

Benefits to your Business

Asavie’s vision is to help enterprises transform their businesses in a multi-cloud, multi-network digital world.

Enhanced Security

Get a single pane of management for consistent security for fixed, mobile and IoT endpoints.

Improved Productivity

Give seamless access to private DC/clouds, requiring no VPN clients on the mobile endpoints.

Optimized Expenditure

Gain visibility and control of all mobile traffic, with localized DIA for improved performance.

Global Nutrition Group Drives Supply Chain Optimization

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Akamai’s secure connectivity allowed us to integrate a number of BI systems, which enabled us to collect and manage a wider data set, thus helping to drive optimization across our entire supply chain.

Fergal O’Shea
IT Manager, Glanbia

SPS Secure Edge simplifies access to enterprise networks
with unified management of mobile and fixed assets