Securing the Office Anywhere

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Securing the Office Anywhere

Employees Everywhere

The current pandemic has changed the way we work and where we do it. Employees are now spending significant time outside the office, effectively in an office anywhere environment. The challenge faced by the enterprise is that remote access technologies like the traditional VPN is limited by scale, and not designed for securing the entire workforce outside the corporate network. Enterprises now need scalable solutions that both protect employees and facilitate secure access to business resources and applications on any device from "anywhere" and not just when the employee is in the home.

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The Branch of One® from Asavie

Branch of One® enables an office anywhere experience by delivering secure, frictionless access to all business resources, with full mobility. This can be done quickly and easily from a single user to a large team.

Unlike other solutions that require customer equipment and software clients to deliver accessibility and security, Asavie Branch of One® creates a seamless office anywhere experience that only requires a mobile device and cellular connectivity.


Any Mobile Device

Works on any SIM-based device, without the need for software clients or employee equipment to manage.

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Private Networks

Free from threats associated with public networks; malware, phishing, man-in-the-middle and denial of service attacks.


Visibility & Control

Eliminate visibility gaps and create a single pane of management for all work from anywhere employees.

Discover how Branch of One®
Enables the Secure Office Anywhere

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Asavie Services that Support the Branch of One®

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Asavie SD Mobile is a network-based, enterprise mobility service that ensures a highly secure internet experience for all your devices, wherever they are.

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Asavie SD Edge is a self-serve private mobile network, delivering a seamless and secure connectivity experience to mobile assets, as if inside the enterprise private network.

Business Benefits

A secure office anywhere experience for employees, maximizing productivity
and collaboration in any location on any device.

Protection Everywhere

Protection against cybersecurity attacks for the office anywhere with network-based security tailored for the enterprise.

Frictionless Access

Allow employees to access business resources without the costly overhead of cumbersome customer equipment and clients.

Anywhere Productivity

Employees can be productive outside as inside the office, with no compromise on security and compliance.

White Paper

Enterprise Network Security and
the Future of Work

In this paper, we discuss the technical challenges enterprises face in delivering the future of work from anywhere. The article delves into the challenges of providing business continuity in an evolving world of risk. It highlights the advantages of private mobile network slices as enablers of the future of work from anywhere.