Private Networks
for Secure IoT

To date, millions of IoT devices have been compromised on public networks connected to the internet. This not only disrupts business applications but can also significantly damage business reputation and impact revenues.

Shielding IoT from Cyberthreats

At Akamai, we believe IoT devices should not be exposed to public networks. Our self-serve private mobile network slices shield IoT devices from cyber threats. They also give you visibility and controls to ensure devices remain safe into the future.

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Private Networks for Secure IoT

Akamai's private mobile network slices provide controlled access to the internet with secure DNS, private static IP addresses and real-time security policy enforcement. Furthermore, the integrated IPsec as a service simplifies access from trusted management platforms to the mobile IoT endpoints.


Faster Deployment Times

Get access to a production and secure network from Day One.

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Zero Trust Network

Only authenticated devices and admins permitted on the network.


Enhanced Security

Greater control and visibility of every byte of data traversing the network.

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84% of organizations have IoT devices in their networks but only half of them maintain any security beyond default passwords

Extreme Networks, 2021

Benefits to your Business

Akamai helps enterprises transform their businesses securely in a multi-cloud, multi-network digital world.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Eliminate the cost and time it takes to build and maintain a dedicated IoT network in-house.

Scale with Ease

Use our automation framework to provision secure access to on-premise and cloud applications.

Future Proof

Secure remote access to IoT devices for over the air management of software updates.

Energy Experts Trust Akamai to Keep Data Safe

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SPS Secure IoT provides an isolated network off the public internet, which gave us the confidence to connect our customers energy data to our cloud energy platform.

Robert McGarry
Snr. Technology Manager, Enel X

Explore how SPS Secure IoT reduces security risks
and simplifies secure access to cloud services