Highly Secure Mobility
for First Responders

Public safety agencies need access to critical and potentially life-saving information in the field. Protecting the integrity of this information and the personnel involved is paramount.

Keep Mobile Data Safe

Akamai is the first line of defense for prescribing public safety agency data policies. With its vantage position in the core network, it defends strongly against malware and phishing attacks before they happen.

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Protecting Those who Serve our Communities

Akamai gives first responders network-based mobile security for all their devices on the field regardless of the OS or the manufacturer. FirstNet and ISO 27001 certified, Akamai is committed to the highest security standards in the industry.


Data Protection

Secure and protect sensitive personal data such as medical and criminal records from malicious


Agnostic Solution

Gain full visibility and control of all traffic from in-field mobile devices, including cellular routers and wearables such as bodycams.


Access Control

Ensure that only authorized devices can access highly restricted information databases either on-premise or in the cloud.

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We have seen an increase in the productivity and reduction of response times for incidents in the field, by as much as 2 or 3 minutes. This is a significant time-saving, with potentially life-saving consequences.

Link Mock, Deputy Sheriff & IT Administrator, Wagoner Co. Sheriff

Providing First Responders with Safe Mobile Internet

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Benefits to Public Sector Agencies

Asavie’s vision is to help enterprises transform their businesses in a multi-cloud, multi-network digital world.


Robust mobile protection
against malware and
malicious actors for first responders.


Full visibility of all traffic to and from the devices ensuring no inappropriate or malicious content can be accessed.

Peace of Mind

Secure bi-directional traffic ensuring only approved
devices can access the on-prem network.

Law Enforcement Agencies Rely on SPS Secure Mobile

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 The service provides our patrolmen with an essential tool to communicate with one another, our interconnected applications and dispatch systems in a fast and secure way.

Link Monk
Deputy Sheriff & IT Administrator, Wagoner County Sheriff's Office