Bring your Own Networks

Sustainable energy is usually located in remote or difficult to access sites. Greenfield sites have no networking facilities, requiring a "Bring your own Network" approach. Implementing a highly available and secure network at the scale of 10s of devices can be cost inhibiting.

Self-Serve Private Mobile Networks

Asavie's self-serve private networks offer a security perimeter based on the principle of least privilege, ideal for greenfield sites of renewables. The on-demand network service supports the connection of a handful of devices with the ease to scale to 1000s of devices, requiring no further investment or network re-architecture as the connected renewables grow.

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Secure Remote Access for IoT

Asavie private networks protect critical infrastructure from the public internet, providing secure remote access for ease of management. Asavie SD IoT offers:

  • Resilient network segments e.g. private IP addressing and DNS
  • Flexible security policy grouping
  • VPN as a service for secure access to trusted management platforms
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Self-Serve Networks

Self-service web portal takes the pain out of configuring connnectivity.


Visibility & Control

Network-layer security protects against malware and phishing attacks.

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Secure Remote Access

Secure remote access to field devices over the air, saving time and money.

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Mobility not only offers new opportunities to improve customer knowledge, drive sales, and personalizes customer experience but also helps improve internal operations and enhance employee productivity.


Benefits to your Business

Asavie’s vision is to help enterprises transform their businesses in a multi-cloud, multi-network digital world.

Faster Deployment Times

Eliminates the time needed to architect, build and maintain a secure IoT network in-house.

Lower Cost of Ownership

In real-time, control and manage the operational efficiency of IoT deployments, includes data usage.

Secure IoT from Day One

On-demand production ready network that is isolated from the public internet.

Energy Experts Trust Asavie to Keep Data Safe

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Asavie’s approach to secure connectivity aligns with our energy-storage-as-service model. Furthermore, their service facilitates rapid deployment, provides us with the ability to scale easily and helps us to keep our costs low, making it easier to say yes to the smart grid of the future.

Liam Breathnach
CTO, Solo Energy