Safe Distance Learning for K-12 Schools

As a leader in secure mobility solutions, Asavie protects the online learning experience of students attending K-12 schools, colleges and universities.

Delivered in partnership with AT&T to all K-12 schools, colleges & universities.

A CIPA-compliant mobile security and management service for all mobile devices.

Creating digitally safe
environment to bring all students online.

COVID-19 Shines Light on Need to Change How We Educate

COVID-19 highlights the financial and resource disparity for many communities, schools and individual students. The shift from busy classrooms to distance learning has exacerbated the learning challenge for many disadvantaged students. They often lack access to the tablets, laptops and broadband connectivity essential for elearning. Since March, at least 124,000 schools in the US have closed their facilities, which affects about 55 million students. Many of the K-12 students without access to essential elearning tools are now at risk of being left even further behind.

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Technology to Bridge the Resource Gap

This shift towards distance education has pushed technology providers to the fore. While we can bring learning opportunities to students everywhere, we must do it responsibly. As a leader in secure mobility solutions, Asavie has partnered with AT&T to protect the online learning experience and the privacy of students during and beyond the current crisis.

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Ensure proactive security for students and data in transit through private access to the internet regardless of the device or OS they use.

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Get peace of mind by implementing
easy and transparent CIPA
compliance across your entire mobile estate.

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Enable students to be as productive as possible by giving them access to educational tools and removing online distractions.

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AT&T is committed to finding innovative ways to support educational institutions during this public health crisis. Combining AT&T and Asavie’s technologies ensures that K-12 students are connected and protected while studying remotely.

Mo Katibeh
EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, AT&T Business

Benefits to K12 School Districts

Asavie’s vision is to provide a safe online environment where students can thrive
and make the most of learning opportunities.

Safe Distance Learning

When we bring the classroom to the student through a mobile device, we must also protect them from the dangers of the internet. AccessMyLAN is an Asavie-powered service available from AT&T that protects laptops, tablets and Wi-Fi hotspots. Asavie’s proactive network-based security prevents cyberattacks before they can reach devices.

CIPA Compliance for Schools

Protecting students from harmful content and applications is not only sensible, but a legal obligation too. Schools using AccessMyLAN on their mobile devices can block all inappropriate and time-wasting websites by default. This ensures schools comply with the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and also helps to boost student productivity.

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In the new digital classroom, the AccessMyLAN service makes distance learning safe
and productive for K12 schools.

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