Extending SD-WAN to Enterprise Mobility and IoT

Not all enterprise applications are cloud-ready.  The result is that enterprise IT is challenged with securing access to multiple clouds, whilst supporting mobile endpoints access to private applications in local networks from outside the enterprise.

Self-Serve Private Mobile Network

Akamai's self-serve mobile networks enable enterprises to extend the SD-WAN to the mobile edge. Your enterprise can easily manage and secure mobile endpoints as part of the enterprise fixed asset strategy of SD-WAN.

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Automation for Mobile SD-WAN Branches

Akamai greatly simplifies the integration of mobile traffic as a branch of the enterprise SD-WAN. The mobile SD-WAN branch supports traffic categorization and blocking, making it easy for you to integrate and manage all SIM-enabled devices from the centralized SD-WAN controller.


Unified Management

A single pane of management for fixed and mobile assets.

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Optimized Performance

Breakout internet traffic at the mobile edge with optimized routes to MS O365.

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Private Network Access

Eliminates the burden of using VPN client software on each mobile device.

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Unless the legacy applications that have been developed and deployed for a castles-and-moats security model are reconfigured for the new security model, migrating to the cloud may have an adverse impact on cybersecurity.

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White Paper

The Future is Mobile: Why SD-WAN is Flawed for Secure & Manageable Mobile & IoT Endpoints

Truly seamless, hassle-free mobility and IoT inclusion in the WAN is still missing. This paper from Clavem Research explores the reasons why and introduces SPS Secure Edge as a clientless footprint solution to make your IoT and mobile endpoints behave as if they are within the WAN, and preserve existing SD-WAN investments.

Benefits to your Business

Akamai helps enterprises transform their businesses securely in a multi-cloud, multi-network digital world.

Enhance Security

With mobile endpoints inside the enterprise private network, CIOs have control of all mobile traffic.

Improve Productivity

Get seamless access that requires no VPNs, ensuring both IT admins and employees remain productive.

Maximize Utilization

Reuse your enterprise network assets and investment to secure mobiles and IoT.

Utility Company Secures Internet for Mobile Assets with SPS Secure Edge

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Our business is our people and vehicles, we chose SPS Secure Edge and the Zero Trust Network Access, as it provides the right balance of security, visibility and internet policy controls.

Director of ICT
Utilities Services Company