Visibility Without Barriers
for Transport & Logistics

Traceability and control are becoming automated and integral functions of supply chains. Wi-Fi and cellular fit well into the need for mobility to provide visibility and facilitate data exchange. This needs to be a secure and seamless process.

Creating a Secure Path for Transport Connectivity

Our network-based solution enables transport and logistics companies to create supply chain efficiencies and to deliver better services to their customers, by giving employees a secure path to access data and web applications.

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Providing Secure Data
Communications on the Road

Asavie creates a private network that guarantees secure data transfer between vehicles and cloud applications. It also enables secure two-way communication between authorized devices and on-premise networks, meaning drivers can be more productive on the road.


Industry Compliance

Implement consistent policies across all your devices to ensure your enterprise complies with industry-specific regulations.


Website Categorization

Boost employee productivity by whitelisting or blacklisting websites and apps according to your business needs.

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Roaming Controls

Implement distinct policies for your fleet, depending on where in the world they are at any given time.

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Nearly 90 percent of logistics and shipping providers feel that the lack of supply chain visibility is one of the biggest challenges in the industry today.


Benefits to your Business

Asavie’s vision is to help enterprises transform their businesses in a multi-cloud, multi-network digital world.

Improved Visibility

Zero-gap visibility of data and applications used by drivers leading to better utilisation of time and resources.

Operational Efficiency

Boost to the operational efficiency as more processes can now be securely be completed through mobile devices.

Cost Efficiency

Generating savings and efficiencies from better usage policies across multiple geographies.

SD Mobile Plays a Key Role in Protecting Data in Transit on Both Smartphones and In-vehicle Cellular Routers