Mobilizing the Utilities Sector

Utility workers need continuous access to timely information to provide a better service to customers. Utilities also see mobility as a vehicle to deliver operational efficiencies that result in cost savings in an industry with razor-thin margins.

Empowering Utility Workers in the Field

Asavie provides access to the business tools utility workers need to become more effective and make better decisions in the field and improving customer service while keeping communications costs down.

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Securing Access to Timely Information for Utilities

Asavie allows utilities companies to reduce time to access information
for engineering crew and empowers workers to make better decisions
with the most accurate information available while always remaining
secure and keeping data away from malicious actors.

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Private Connectivity

Remove confidential data accessed through mobile devices from the public Internet and away from malicious actors.


Industry Compliance

Implement consistent policies across all your devices to ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations.

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Private Static IP

Only authorized devices can connect to your on premise network, ensuring the security of your confidential data.

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71% of utilities companies looking at mobile solutions cited improved worker productivity as the most important metric currently in pursuit.

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Benefits to your Business

Asavie’s vision is to help enterprises transform their businesses in a multi-cloud, multi-network digital world.

Complete Control

Manage the workforce, equipment, and smart tools securely wherever they
are in the field.


Ensure regulatory
compliance for data
protection and adhere to corporate policies.

Customer Service

Put the right business tools in the hands of mobile crews to eliminate paper work and deliver superior customer service.

Global Utilities Company Adopts SD Mobile for International Operations

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Once SD Mobile is configured, it just works. We
don’t have to login regularly to manage the service. The weekly summary emails show us all we need to know about existing to anticipated usage.

Gary Mitchem
IT Director, Globeleq