SPS Secure Mobile

SPS Secure Mobile is a network-based mobility service for any type of organization that needs to control and secure mobile devices issued for work. Because of its vantage position on the network, it protects data in transit and prevents attacks before they reach the device. It is a clientless solution that requires minimal intervention from both IT administrators and end users, making it ideal for small organizations where IT resources and expertise may be a challenge.


  • SPS Secure Mobile unifies visibility, security and control of mobile devices under one powerful network-based roof
  • It removes mobile data from the public internet and moves it through a private APN embedded within the MNO network
  • It is a clientless service that is easy to set up, deploy and configure with minimal disruption to end users
  • It provides visibility of all mobile traffic as it happens and allows for the deployment of policies in real time

Customer Benefits

  • Protection for all SIM-enabled devices from the network up including smartphones, tablets, MiFis and routers
  • No upfront investment required plus a long-term low total cost of ownership
  • Simple, robust and scalable solution that grows with the needs of the organization
  • Starts delivering quantifiable benefits from Day 1, thus justifying the MRR

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