Stop mobile cyber threats at source

by Asavie Press for blog, EMM, MODA

Think of cyber crime as an escalating arms race where the security industry is struggling to keep up with malware, phishing and DDOS attacks that grab the headlines with alarming regularity. And with the dark web providing an increasingly sophisticated place for cyber criminals to trade stolen identities and credit card details there is little chance of the arms race abating.

Over the last decade the security industry has done its best to negate threats with machine learned antivirus protection and perimeter testing that attempts to stay on top of fast-changing attacks. High profile breaches continue to happen, demonstrating that organisations are just not putting the right mobile security solutions in place.

88% security

In the 2015 EY Global Security Survey 88 per cent of respondents did not believe their information security fully meets the organization’s needs; 44 per cent felt vulnerable in relation to unaware employees and 34 per cent feel vulnerable due to outdated systems.

Perhaps the most worrying aspect of all this is that security specialists are predicting a big rise in mobile threats as cyber criminals exploit new vulnerabilities outside of the traditional office perimeter. If organisations can’t ensure their data is safe inside the firewall, how are they going to cope with an increased threat to smartphones and tablets?


Mobile challenge

If organisations want to reap the recognised productivity benefits of mobilising their workforce – and most do – they need to mitigate the risks. They need to be proactive and take control.

Proactive solution

Asavie Moda is our Enterprise Mobility Management solution that turns a grey area black and white. It’s SIM-based and proactive, enabling you to set parameters over what each employee can do with their smartphone, tablet or MiFi device. You control what each SIM can access via the Asavie Moda cloud portal, making easy work of setting rules. If employees switch out their SIM and use it in another device, the same rules apply.

Essentially, we prevent access to sites and services that might carry risks, so you stop mobile cyber threats at source. We give you plenty of options as part of the service:

  • Locate, Lock, and Wipe data; and password protect devices.
  • Control the volume and type of data and who has access to it.
  • Deny streaming risky video, stop file sharing on social media sites that may pose threats

In our experience, more and more companies are waking up to the realisation that the risks are simply too high, that they need to lock down their mobile devices before they find themselves exposed to a major breach and hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons.


If you are concerned about the security of your company data, take a look at the Asavie EMM eBook with 6 steps to better mobility management.


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