Streaming a Rugby World cup match

by Liz Edwards for blog, EMM

rugby irelandSporting events- rugby, soccer, golf, cricket- can cost your business in terms of productivity, network resources, and costs.

The Irish team, which I’ll be shouting for, play their first match this Saturday 19th September. The following matches happen on Sundays. If you’re an Irish employer, you’re at an advantage the pool matches are at the weekends. (Including when we get the finals of course!) It means your staff may not be as distracted for at least 80 minutes mid-week.

The problem for me with weekends is that I seem to have plans every weekend for the next 6 weeks. No plans for my own life of course. No, as another parent pointed out to me this weekend, your life is not your own anymore. Not when your kids do football, rugby and girl guides! My plans revolve around being a taxi service, standing at side lines, and a bit of coaching of the 5 year olds. And for the next few weeks, I’ll probably be distracted.

I won’t be alone. I can predict that there will be a lot of absent parents at the upcoming weekend kiddy activities. Anyway I was thinking I’d watch some of the rugby world cup matches on my phone. There’ll be no WiFi, so it will cost…

How much will it cost to stream one match?

Watching an 80 minute match would use up about 1.2 Gb. (In Ireland an SD stream is approximately 4Mb per minute while HD is 15Mb per minute.) If you were on a 1 GB mobile data bundle- one of the most common mobile data bundle- you’d use your entire monthly allowance watching just one match. And risk overages.

If you’re travelling in the USA and decide to stream a match, it could cost €7,380. I didn’t consider going to any matches despite it being so close to home. So I didn’t cost it. But I’d hazard that it might be cheaper to pop over to Great Britain, pay for the tickets, stay in a half decent hotel, and maybe grab a celebratory drink or two.

If you’re an employer what are your choices?

  • Red card the use of mobile devices for watching matches.
  • Tackle the problem by limiting their mobile data allowance. You’ve given them mobile devices for a reason- and you still need to get that work done. Be careful that everyone has access to the data they need work purposes?
  • Score a winner by controlling what mobile data they use. With Moda from Asavie you can block SD streaming; limit access speeds so that streaming becomes unworkable.

We have lots of customers whose employees didn’t realise how much watching a sports game would cost. It’s not done maliciously. But it will cost you!

So keep your staff productive and keep costs down by controlling your mobile data usage.

Learn more about Asavie Moda, a powerful tool that provides control, alerting and prevention all in one.

Or if you are in the US, have a look at AT&T/Access My LAN

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