How Telcos can leverage their network to win and retain SME customers

Octavio Hernandez

The Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) sector is poorly served by current mobile solutions, yet there is a largely untapped opportunity for Mobile Network Operators (MNO), to secure long-lasting relationships and new revenue streams by offering business mobile services as a Managed Service offering to SMEs.

By providing Managed Services around the network layer, the key piece of the mobile ecosystem that the MNO owns, they can provide differentiated business mobility offerings that are largely unassailable by competing third party, Over-The-Top (OTT) providers.

Many MNOs have indeed attempted to diversify their offerings. They provide OTT services such as content and social media platforms for consumers. EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) and security solutions for businesses. But few have been successful in winning new SMEs and retaining them over the long term. Business customers understand that EMM solutions are not unique and that the MNO offering is really only a me-too service offering that is easily replicated elsewhere.

For MNOs the sweet spot is SMEs with fewer than 100 people that have neither the time nor resources to manage and maintain third-party mobile management solutions. This market segment provides MNOs with a potential very “sticky” customer base that is less likely to churn and more likely to take on new services.

In our latest eBook, we outline how Mobile Network Operators can leverage their core networks to win big with small firms. We explore how to:

  • Win opportunities from small businesses and retain existing customers
  • Offer a range of features and functionality that will directly address day-to-day challenges of security, control, and productivity
  • Benefit from delivering compelling mobile services to small firms

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