Verizon Mobile Security Index 2020 Showcases Asavie’s Network Security Insights

Hugh Carroll

Verizon have released the third edition of Mobile Security Index (MSI) 2020 to coincide with the RSA Security show hosted in San Francisco. The impressive report is compiled from multiple sources including surveys of industry professionals responsible for buying and managing mobile and IoT devices, the Federal Bureau of investigation and the United States Secret Service. Asavie was also invited to contribute our learnings and insights on the nature of threats impacting both mobile and IoT devices in the digital enterprise.

A major theme of the report focused on innovation and how 5G will impact the pace of disruption for mobile users. But also it looked at IoT devices and how most devices are connecting using cellular or mobile WAN technologies.

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Findings for Mobility

Unfortunately, many companies only take mobile security seriously after things go wrong. The survey found that 43% of companies that had suffered a compromise were planning to significantly increase their mobile security spend in the coming year, compared to 17% of those that hadn’t been compromised. The cloud, which now stores or gathers the majority of new business information, remains the most likely entry point for these threats, according to Verizon. And within five years, mobile will be the primary means of accessing cloud services, according to 80% of the survey’s respondents.

Findings for IoT

Nearly a third (31%) of IoT respondents admitted to having suffered a compromise involving an IoT device across all industries, but as high as 52% for information and media companies. Organizations using IoT that sacrificed security were almost twice as likely to have suffered a compromise involving an IoT device.

Keeping ahead of bad actors and malware innovation while delivering the mobile experiences that consumers and employees expect is an ongoing challenge. Doing so successfully isn’t only about the tools that are used, it’s vital to have an approach that puts mobile security right at the heart of IT strategy. Asavie’s vantage point at the network ensures that enterprises have unified visibility and control across all mobile and IoT endpoints. It gives a zero trust network access for security and intelligent insights that reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of an enterprise’s digital operations.

Download your free copy of the MSI Report 2020