Find out when staff are most productive

by Liz Edwards for blog, EMM

Give staff lots to do on a Tuesday with the option to work away from the office.


According to research from Accountemps, Tuesday is the most productive day of the week for employees. If you have a particularly time-consuming task to tackle, Tuesday’s the day.

Give them the ability to work outside of the office as well, and you may see a major jump in their productivity.

62% feel more productive working outside of the office.

TechRepublic covered a survey where 62% of respondents said they felt more productive working outside of the office, and 72% work remotely at least once a month.

What other productivity tips help get the most from our people?

If you have the right insight about what your staff are doing, you can give them the right tools. To get hold of this data, you’ll need to monitor what your staff are currently doing, and see if it fits with what you want them to do.

It may not sit comfortably with you to monitor your people, but often there are valid reasons that businesses need to keep an eye on what mobile data employees are accessing. We’ve lots of stories like the following from our customers.

  • * A European legal firm were not compliant to regulations because their staff were downloading confidential customer data from their personal smartphones.
  • * A US Insurance broker had a small sales team that rarely worked from the office. Their teams had access to work apps, but they were not closing as much business projected. It turned out they were also spending large amounts of time using their work smartphones for personal use, watching sports games. (See also our blog on streaming a rugby match  )
  • * A UK consultant saw £124k in overages when he traveled from the UK for work in the Middle East. He was on Netflix and thought he was on the hotel WiFi.
  • * One of our US customers asked us to help find out what sites their employees were visiting because they needed help in controlling mobile data costs. Shockingly the use of dating sites such as TINDER was the culprit. It turned out about a third of employees were not following up customer leads, but were looking for love. (See our blog on Finding love on Valentines day )

Once you know what your staff are using, you can apply the right policies. It all comes down to controlling costs, ensuring secure access and making sure your staff are productive.

The latest release of Asavie Moda offers unparalleled insight into the productivity of mobile workforces. The latest version gives you the ability to manage and control mobile data usage with enhanced mobile security for Android devices, with real-time viewing of sites that can distract the productivity of the mobile workforces.

  • Understand how your mobile data is being used.
    • Find out how much social networking your staff are doing on their mobile devices.
  • See what websites employees are visiting during business hours.
    • Which websites are being used most?
    • How much time are employees spending on Facebook and Twitter?
  • How does mobile data usage change between business and outside of business hours?
    • Employees could be spending the majority of business hours on work related sites
    • Outside of business hours, are staff spending more time on non-business related content at the company’s expense?

We can help you to learn how easy and simple it is to manage what mobile data the employees access while filtering malicious and high risk content while companies protect their mobile devices, improve productivity and avoid data overages.


SIM based solutions for controlling mobile data costs are among the most powerful. Learn more in this White Paper.

Learn more about better insights visibility into usage trends from this Press release.

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