Where is all my mobile data going?

by Asavie Press for blog, EMM

With the surge in social media, how can you monitor and control who and what is using the mobile data in your business?

Everywhere I go, everywhere I look, there seems to be a new mobile service for this or a new mobile version of that and then there are the constant application updates. “Here’s the newest and greatest way to stream your music…” until the next newest and greatest way suddenly appears or “follow me on **insert latest social media service**” until the next… well, you get the idea.

Sadly, I’m usually the guy who falls for the slick marketing of the “newest and greatest” version of whatever mobile service is out there and as much as I enjoy most of them, they all have a couple of things in common. They gobble my data for breakfast, lunch and gobble my time for dinner and desert.

What could I be using so much data on?”

As I sat down to review my latest bill, I had (again) gone way over my data plan. I thought to myself “What could I be using so much data on?” This question has gone unanswered for a long time. I wouldn’t consider myself a heavy user of streaming services like the rugby world cup, nor social media (maybe I’m in denial on that one) so the question I kept asking myself was“What could I be using so much data on?”

I even wondered if following the release of iOS9 my data consumption levels might have accelerated. This was highlighted byMike Murphy over at Quartz who pointed out that with the introduction of the Wi-Fi Assist feature on the iPhone, it uses mobile data to help boost the speed, but also costs you!

Now, that’s just me with my personal phone. Try and put yourself in the shoes of a business owner, smart and generous enough to provide their employees with mobile devices in order for them to remain productive when out on the road. But exactly how productive are they?

Mobile users spend one in every four minutes on social media

A recent survey by Forrester claimed that mobile users spend one in every four minutes on social media (I’ll do the math for you – 25% of their time) and three times less is being spent on enterprise applications. That has to be a worrying statistic if you are paying their salary.

The internet is so vast, you could literally spend hours clicking, reading, clicking some more and so on. As the end-user, I, typically, have no idea where I’ve used the last chunk of data and, if the end-user doesn’t know, then how can the employer be expected to know?

With Moda from Asavie (also available as AccessMyLAN from AT&T in the US), an employer can see exactly where that data is being used /wasted in an easy-to-read dashboard. If, for example, 20% of your company data is being used on social media, you can be sure that you’re losing a chunk of productivity along with that.

It’s one thing having the ability to block access to websites and apps but if you don’t know what to block, you could be closing the wrong doors, while leaving others wide open. (See our blog on blocking online ads) Asavie’s Moda/AccessMyLAN does both of these things and lots more.

You no longer need to ask “Where is all my data going?” You’ll already know. Be in control.

Download our White Paper to learn how to Manage the spend of your mobile workforce.

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