Yes to abolishing EU roaming charges

Octavio Hernandez

How does the abolishment of EU roaming charges affect business?

It’s great news that the EU have agree the parameters around roaming charges being abolished across Europe from June 2017. But CFOs and finance departments still need to be aware of a few things.

  • Roaming is not the only source of overages. Staff can still rack up heavy costs by using too much mobile data domestically.
  • Roaming charges will still apply outside of the EU. (TBC about the UK!)
  • Make sure staff are productively using their mobile data on the right activities. (Office 365 rather than Youtube!)

Thankfully, Asavie Moda gives business customers control today over their existing SIM card data consumption irrespective of the device those SIMs are in.

Domestic mobile data use is a huge cause of bill shock

Recent research commissioned by Asavie, revealed that 1 in 5 senior decision makers in the UK, and 1 in 4 in the US, cite domestic mobile data as the top cause of bill shock.

cause-of-mobile-data-price-shockThe higher than expected cost of mobile data was attributed primarily to the volume of non-work related usage, which highlights the need to restrict or monitor data usage. (Are your staff gaming a bit too much, or binging on netflix?)

Mobile costs, as well as employee productivity, can be impacted when employees are checking out what their friends did on Facebook on a Monday; shopping on Amazon on Wednesday; or looking for plans for the weekend on Ticketmaster on Friday.

High mobile costs are not just about roaming

For any business, the downward trend of mobile data prices is of course welcome, but it is important to understand that on the flip side these price reductions have failed to keep pace with the increasing rate of data consumption.

The price may go down, but with the move to video usage, smart phone and 4G networks users are now consuming ever greater amounts of mobile data. GSMA estimate that data traffic is expected to see an almost ten-fold increase by 2019.

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